For returns and exchanges, send an email to our customer team at

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Return and exchange policies BRAZILIAN SHOES US.

At Brazilian Shoes US, we are committed to the satisfaction of our CLIENT. Therefore, we provide you with the following Policy for changes and returns of the shoes that we market through the Online Service, to meet the needs and demands of customers:

Means to request changes or returns.
Returns or exchanges must be made via email to

Note: You will receive a maximum email within 3 business day, notifying the receipt of your request.

Our Customer Service area will be validated if your return is entitled to a free guide.

If the product was sent by us, the refund will have a cost (according to the analysis carried out by our Customer Service department).

An email will be sent to you where you must print a return guide, prepare the package that integrates the return format and then take it to the package.

The guide is valid for 5 days.

Once the product has been received, the corresponding review will be carried out, confirming if it proceeds in accordance with the policies described, the response by email.

If the return does not continue, you should contact the Call Center to retrieve the product.

In this case, the product will be sent back to your home through the parcel service. The package guide will have a cost that THE CUSTOMER must cover.

Deadline to REQUEST changes or returns if you need to change the model or color of the purchased product (in case we have it on stock), you have a period of 15 calendar days from the date of payment of the order to make the return.

Private production products are not elegible for returns.

Deadline to request changes in case of product defects.

If the product has been published by THE CLIENT has a manufacturing defect, THE CLIENT has a period of 15 calendar days from the date of payment of the order to make the return.

Return policy.

Brazilian Shoes has a manufacturing warranty that protects customers against manufacturing defects and manufacturing materials. That is why shoes in the United States do not return these products. In case of detecting any failure in the workmanship and / or manufacturing materials, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer to validate the warranty.


When the product has been used under conditions other than normal.

When the product has not been operated in accordance with the accompanying instructions for use.

When the product has been altered or repaired by unauthorized persons.

The return process takes an average of 6 to 15 business days, including delivery, receipt and evaluation of the product by the BRASILIAN SHOES US team and notification of the result.

At this time we must add the refund period, which takes place after the return is approved and varies according to the means of payment with which the order was placed.

Outside of these rules established in these policies, we reserve the right to reject a return and make a refund.


Requirements for changes, refunds and refunds.

The requirements that must be met to make a valid exchange or refund will be:

You must keep the original box and packaging of the products, as they will be necessary in case THE CUSTOMER wants to make a return.

The product must be clean and in good condition, without being dirty, stained, mistreated, with damage caused by repairs or repairs.

It must be delivered with its labels without separating and in the original packaging, including accessories, promotional items and pairs.

That the product has a manufacturing defect that, in accordance with these Exchange and Return Policies, allows the respective return and / or makes the request again to request another model

That the product has been lost in shipping. In this case, a refund is generated for the amount of the lost product.


Sending a return.

To obtain the refund of the order, the customer must be sent to our address, continue with the return policies, where the product must be in perfect condition.

In case of return of a product, the refund of the money will be paid by the customer.

In this case, we have paid the package costs.

Recovery of products not approved for return.
If THE CUSTOMER requested the return of a product by sending it through the package and was not approved for its return, they will have to respond with the Call Center to retrieve the product.

In this case THE BRAZILIAN SHOES. THE CUSTOMER will send the product again to his address through the parcel service. The shipping guide will have a cost that must be covered by the client.

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