Brazilian Shoes was created after a deep analysis of what the US shoe market has to offer to the diverse population it aims to serve. We realized that the combination of quality, comfort and style aligned with the hottest trends, more often than not, translates to a pricey product. We became obsessed with breaking this barrier to make stylish shoes that don’t compromise comfort or quality, accessible to shoe-lovers of all budgets.

As a fashion launcher, Vizzano celebrates the personality of sophisticated women who know their own style very well. By enhancing feminine power, the brand transforms the desires of the most aware fashionist into reality and always with a certain dose of glamour.

Always present in the lifestyle of women young of spirit of all ages, Moleca has everything to do with urban fashion that takes over the streets of Brazil and the world! By combining comfort and style, the brand squanders versatility for every moment and surprises with up-to-date models with the hottest trends.

Synonymous with easy fashion, Beira Rio Comfort is dedicated to attending the
wishes of real women with models that accompany the female routine in their most different occasions. In the list of brand bets , versatility is the keyword with prime space for the hottest trends of the moment.

For women's lives to have an extra dose of beauty and health, Modare Ultra Comfort's recipe is special: combine the trends of the moment with comfort technologies that make all the difference! The result? A versatile fashion in tune with the routine of those who know that well-being is essential to feel beautiful and light every day.

All brands are under the umbrella of Calçados Beira Rio, a leading Brazilian company and one of the five largest shoe manufacturers in the world.

Our goal is to consistently offer amazing shoes at amazing affordable prices.